2 Main Reasons Custom Swag Kits Are Booming

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it became clear that the business effects would be far reaching. What we didn’t know then, however, was how COVID would force industries to change and adapt.

Now that we’ve made it to 2021, we have a chance to look back and take stock. We can draw lessons from the ways marketers adapted and found new opportunities to reach their customers and audiences.

Custom ‘Swag’ Kits helped businesses recharge enthusiasm.

One of the big innovations in the last year has been the rise of the custom swag kits. Put simply, a Custom swag kit is a personalized gift collection of branded company products, delivered in a custom box, directly to recipients.

Below we’ll look at two major areas where custom swag kits helped companies bridge the gap and keep people engaged.


1. Shows & Conventions

What the Pandemic Changed: Trade show and exhibition spending dropped 65% in 2020 according to PwC.

The Problem:

How do businesses that rely on shows for leads and sales offset the dizzying decline in physical events and find a way to keep driving growth?

How Custom Kits Helped:

Show and conference organizers have turned to virtual events to stay relevant during the pandemic, but a remote expo presents challenges in being as fun and exciting as the real thing.

Custom swag kits have helped organizers boost attendance and engagement. They’ve also helped exhibitors stay connected with clients and sales leads.

Think of it this way: Part of the reason tradeshows are an effective environment for business development is that people are in an engaged headspace. They’re out of their normal routine, often in a different city.

With virtual events, attendees might be at home, feeling like they’ve signed up for several days of Zoom meetings. Custom swag kits can bring back some of the magic and excitement they’re missing.

Getting a custom box in the mail filled with thoughtful branded merch and event info can fire up attention, getting attendees excited and engaged for the event. Virtual event kits often include:

  • Desk accessories
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Fun, interactive guides — think drink recipes and game instructions for a virtual happy hour
  • Event programs
  • Ambiance boosters such as scents and candles

2. Onboarding & Company Events

What the Pandemic Changed: At the end of 2020, around 33% of workers were fully remote, and 2/3rds of them want to stay that way, according to Gallup.

The Problem:

How do we build and maintain a great company culture with remote onboarding and little or no in-person contact between team members?

How Custom Kits Helped:

Virtual team onboarding might be our only choices for the moment, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit ourselves to vanilla Zoom events. With customized new hire kits and event-focused swag, we can do a lot to build enthusiasm.

By sending out branded kits to new employees, you’re helping get them excited, and jumpstart their integration into your culture. Since the kit might be the only tangible thing they have from their new job, it has to grab attention and make them feel special. 

Sending a swag kit can help employees feel connected to their new organization and coworkers. Here are some great ideas to consider including in your onboarding kits:

Don’t stop adapting!

As we’ve seen, the pandemic resulted in exciting innovation over the past year, and custom swag kits are a great example of effective adaptation.

Custom swag kits can help you regain enthusiasm in your business. CustomUSB is ready to help you get started, and create beautiful and engaging custom swag kits today. If you’d like to start, get in touch!

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