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Microsoft Windows 7 on USB Drives

When I received an email this morning about Microsoft using USB drives to release Windows 7, I thought I’d wait a while before posting it on the blog, but by now, I already 4 people break the news, so it’s going up.

As long as Microsoft can justify the cost of flash drives (which they can easily do by increasing the price of their software  by a few dollars), selling Windows 7 on USB drives is a great idea. Here is how they ought to do it (properly).

  • Create a custom shaped USB drive (possibly in the shape of the new Windows 7 logo) and put some novelty aspect into it. The free PR alone should cover the extra cost.
  • Make the USB drive an authentication tool (in addition to being the software delivery device). Have Windows 7 installation files reference a serial number on the USB drive. This will prevent piracy.
  • Do the USB drives as a limited edition release. Don’t sell all versions on USB drives, just the premium one (with all the add-ons FREE, to justify higher price).

Here is the link to CNET [] who, I think, posted about this first.

2 Custom Projects for Conde Nast Publications

Cookie Magazine Custom Rubber Drives

Conde Nast Publications has been a long-time customer of ours. We mainly did work for their Cookie Magazine division. This year, Cookie Magazine made it to the Adweek 2009 Hotlist and to celebrate the occasion, they did something different. Borrowing the USB Press Kit idea, they create a custom shaped USB drive. The rectangle shaped drive had the Cookie logo embossed on the top and came in 4 colors that also matched the colors on the packaging.

Wired Magazine Etch2 USB Drives

The second project was for Wired Magazine, who was also mentioned by Adweek. Wired chose our Etch2 model and printed a black logo on a silver surface. Each drive was pre-loaded with 200+ megs of articles that covered a common theme – “The Future of Advertising 2009”. Each drive was also package in a custom printed white magnetic box.

Here is a quick note from the Wired people – We got them and they look great. Thanks for all your help!”.

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