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The Powerscreen® Chieftain 2100X USB Drive

Here’s another flash drive from the “detailed machines” series. Like its predecessors (UTLX, Ulstein, and Joy), Chieftain is made to very closely resemble the real thing. The first image below is a 3D rendering supplied to the client. All other images are photos of the finished product.

CustomUSB Drives on the Runway

We recently did an order for Akris, a Swiss luxury clothing company. Their garments can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. The drives they purchased can be found on Happy shopping.

The Christening of a Subsea Construction Vessel is Accompanied by an Awesome Custom Flash Drive

Marine Subsea is an international offshore oil and gas company. Ulstein Group is a Norwegian shipbuilder. CustomUSB is a manufacturer of customized USB drives. The event that brought us together is the Christening of their new subsea construction vessel, Sarah. Here is the result:

* This is an order from last year which was originally produced for Marine Subsea. We now deal directly with Ulstein. It is an ongoing project.

Joy Mining Equipment Order Fills Our Hearts with Joy

Not much to say here other than this drive is AWESOME. It is a replica of the Continuous Miner, a high-performance mining product produced by Joy Mining Machinery.

While, we’re on the “replica” topic, we’ve also done work for UTLX, Canadian Club, American Crew, Ulstein, Benchmade, and Kotex, . Can you guess which products we’ve replicated?

Paging Doctor Rosen Rosen, Your Flash Drives are Here

Doctor Rosen Rosen is not a real doctor. Though he does have a PhD in music, as well as years of practice. From now on, all his mixes will be available on syringe-looking USB drives, appropriately named The Doctor.

So pull down your pants, lie down on your side and get ready for 2.5 ml mixus auditorus injection.

Thomson Reuters Wooden Chess Piece USB Drive is First in Set

We’re building a USB chess set and the King, made by Thomson Reuters, is the first piece. Aside from being chess lovers, the good people at Thomson Reuters also provided businesses and communities with intelligent information about, well, everything. If you’ve never heard of Thomson Reuters, I don’t know where you’ve been the last 10 years.

Each drive was precision milled using the same type of machine used to make real chess figures. Logo was laser engraved into the walnut drive finish. Two circular magnets held the cap and the body together.


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