Monthly Archives: January 2012

Custom Flash Drive for Crosses

Here’s a USB drive we did for Crosses, a brand new musical project of Deftones singer Chino Moreno, Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Scott Chuck. You can buy this limited edition collectors bundle HERE:¬†

Custom Car Key Flash Drives for Fiat

It all started when the Fiat Group sent us an actual key fob from one of their fine automobiles. We took it apart and replicated the mechanism. We then manufactured each component from scratch and delivered a fully custom, retractable USB drive.

Cut Off Thumb Flash Drives for Showtime’s Dexter Series

While we don’t condone murder or violence, we REALLY love watching Dexter. And we were very excited when Showtime wanted some cut-off-thumb flash drives. This drive is now a part of the Dexter fan shop on Showtime’s website. You can find it under Dexter Ice Truck Killer Thumb Drive: [].

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