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A Custom Championship Belt USB Drive for WWE

WWE recently held a big presentation, and came to us looking for a way to distribute all of the promotional material to everyone in their international marketing team. We came up with this custom championship belt flash drive, and then shipped them pre-loaded with all of the necessary materials.

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A Sneak Peek at Some New Things in the Works

Here at CustomUSB we are constantly innovating to make sure we stay the creators of the coolest custom USB drives on the planet. Whether it is using the latest in chip technology, or using new materials/techniques to create custom shapes with greater detail.  This dedication to research is what keeps our clients coming back again and again.

Which brings us onto the topic of this blog post, we are currently working on technology that will redefine what the words, “personalized flash drive” mean.  Unfortunately we aren’t releasing any of the really juicy details yet, but we have decided to share a few pictures as a little teaser.

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[New Model] USB Cassette Tapes

This new flash drive model will be up on the website soon, but we couldn’t wait until then to share it with you!

The Cassette Tape USB drive is perfect for promoting your next music project or anything else really. These Cassette Tape USB drives have a retro coolness that other drives just can’t match.

Check back here for updates on when this drive will be ready to order.

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New Custom USB Drives for Utility.

Utility is a company that offers mobile broadband solutions to utility and first responder vehicles, so when they asked for a custom USB drive we were happy to help.

We started with the design of their Rocket Vehicle Router, and shrunk it down to a more flash drive friendly size. And just like on the real thing, you flip up the protective cap and you have access to your data.


ABS Plastic

Hinged Protective Cap

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A Custom Shopping Bag USB for Firefox Marketplace

Firefox recently dove headfirst into the mobile application world and created the Firefox Marketplace. It is a place where Android users can discover and download new useful apps and content. The best part is that it is all open and non-proprietary, and they have made it very developer friendly.

To help promote the new Firefox Marketplace, they came to us for a custom colored and printed Shopping Bag USB drive.  You can check out the final product below!

Firefox Shopping Bag Custom USB Drive

If you would like to check out the Firefox Marketplace for yourself just click here, or if you are interested in your very own custom Shopping Bag USB drive, you can request a quote here.

A Look at the New Custom USB Drives for Gulfstream

If you happen to be fortunate enough to be in the market for a new Gulfstream aircraft, not only will you be receiving one of the world’s most advanced business jets, but also a top-quality bespoke luggage tag USB drive.

The first time you hold this drive in your hand you instantly know it was designed for something special. Each of these beautifully crafted metal drives comes in a custom designed cardboard box sporting the Gulfstream logo. Inside you will find a genuine leather keychain strap dyed in Gulfstream blue and a custom printed microfiber cleaning cloth so you can keep your drives fingerprint free. The drives are also laser engraved with the matching model number of the aircraft they come with. So if you are looking for one more reason to purchase that shiny new G650, take a look at the pictures below.

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Custom USB Drives for Harley-Davidson

Here is our latest project for Custom Vehicle Operations at Harley-Davidson.  It all started with their Willie G. skull and ended with one of the baddest drives we have ever made!

Sorry guys this one isn’t available for sale! They are only available with the purchase of a CVO bike direct with Harley.


Strong Alloy Case

Brushed Metal and Black Chrome Finish

Ultra-fast slide-out USB flash drive

Harley-Davidson Custom USB Drives

The wait is over! The Miss America Crown USB Drives are up for pre-order now!

Yes, you read that right! We have all capacities of the Miss America Crown USB drive up for pre-order here, and we will be shipping them after the live pageant on January 12, 2013. These drives are available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, with the 16GB and 32GB being USB 3.0 speed. If you would like to learn more, or pre-order your own flash drive visit our site here! Features

  • Strong alloy case encrusted in rhinestones
  • Ultra-fast slide-out USB flash drive
  • Pre-loaded with exclusive Miss America digital memorabilia
  • 2-inches across by 1-inch tall
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Just when you thought our flash drives couldn’t possibly get any cooler…

We give you the almighty Grendizer™ Incubot robot!

Once again we have paired up with INCUBOT Productions to create another incredible flash drive.  Just like our other projects with INCUBOT, the Grendizer™ Incubot is highly detailed with multiple points of articulation, but what makes the Grendizer™ Incubot so special is that it also comes with a USB hub modeled after the Spazer flying saucer.

Be sure to check back for information on where you can purchase your very own Grendizer™ Incubot!


Full 3D design

Made of high-impact ABS plastic

Rotating arms and head

Comes with Spazer flying saucer USB hub and Double Harken weapon

Breaks in the center to expose USB drive

USB drive can be removed to upgrade memory

View our other INCUBOT projects Here and Here.

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