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Custom USB Drives for Euro Fresh Farms

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have found a few drives from older projects, and I have decided to share a few of my favorites.  So today I have for you a custom tomato USB drive for Euro Fresh Farms we did last year.  So Awesome!

Euro Fresh Farm Custom USB Drive

Custom USB Drives for Ardbeg

These are from an older project, but after a little research, I found out what they were for and decided to post them.

Ardbeg makes single Islay malt Scotch whisky, which makes a rocket shaped USB drive seem a little out of place.  Well, in 2011 Ardbeg sent some of the key ingredients of its whisky into space to compare how the ingredients mature vs. on Earth.  I would like to find out if they observed any differences; unfortunately, it looks like the Ardbeg Galileo they bottled with the space goodies is out of stock.  I know I was devastated too.

Ardbeg Custom USB Drive

You can read about the project on their website here, and some BBC coverage here.

Custom USB Drives for SACHS are Clutch

Being a bit of a gear head, I instantly fell in love with these custom clutch USB drives for SACHS.

SACHS manufacturers shock absorbers and clutches for just about every type of vehicle, from racecars to commercial trucks.  You can visit their website and learn more about them here, or just check out these awesome drives below!

SACHS Clutch Custom USB Drive

Custom USB Drives for Suave

These custom USB drives for Suave are from a project we did with them a while ago to help promote their new line of products formulated with KERALOCK TECHNOLOGY.

Just look at all of the tiny details we are able to achieve!

Suave Keratin Custom USB Drive

Custom USB drives for KIXEYE

If you are not a gamer, or if you avoid games on social media, there is a chance you have never heard of KIXEYE.  But, if you are a casual, or serious gamer, you should definitely look them up, because they are currently changing the gaming industry as we know it.  They offer online games that are free to play, but targeted toward serious gamers knowing that there is a small market of players that will pay for extra things in the game.  This has been their recipe for success, and they have been growing like crazy.  They are currently working on 4 new titles, and are looking to put a few of their titles on mobile.

Now that you know a little about them, on to the custom USB drive we made for them.  We took their logo and transformed it into a USB drive making sure we got all of the details perfect.  The matte black finish, clean lettering, and the red LED eyes all come together to make one awesome flash drive!  Just check out the pictures below, and be sure to check out KIXEYE’s equally awesome website here.

KIXEYE Custom USB Drive Read More…

Custom Spin USB drives for Diesel

Here are some more custom Spin Drives for you guys and girls to check out.  These particular drives are for Diesel, and come preloaded with their 2013 spring kids collection.

Diesel Spin Custom USB Drive

If you want to check out our spin drive’s page, you can do that here.  If you want to check out Diesel’s spring 2013 kids collection it is up on their website now.

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