520 Boyz MP3 Player Album

520 Boyz MP3 Player

Here is yet another version of what your next music album can look (and sound) like. This is a custom Card Disk MP3 Player music album we just published for 520 Boyz. Pre-loaded with some urban beats (Album Release Date: April 1, 2009) and printed with a full color artwork, these suckers [mp3 players] will be sold at their next live show.

The Card Disk MP3 Player is perfect for releasing your next music album. It has a slim design the fits into any pocket, large printing area so you can cover the entire player with your album art and a simple user interface so you can turn on, plug in, and jam.

Here is a testimonial from $lk Geezee himself:

Thank you Vadim… The mp3 players are beautiful. Just to give you a heads up… I will be calling you in the near future to place another order.