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IAS Semi Truck USB Drives

IAS is one of the largest independent aviation ground handlers in the US. This is why our transportation themed flash drives were a perfect fit. For one of their upcoming events, they purchase 100 Semi-Truck USB drives. They are ready to ship today, several days ahead of schedule.


America’s Next Top Model – The Game

You know the show America’s Next Top Model? Well, they have a video game in the works. And they might be releasing it on USB drives. In fact, they just ordered a test run of our custom printed Lipstick drives (see images below).

But let’s keep it on the DL for now. It’s a SECRET.


Yew Round Drives for Waggener Edstrom

Waggener Edstrom is one of the largest independent public relations firms in the world with offices in New York, Washington DC, London, Paris, and Hong Kong. Global giants like Microsoft, T-Mobile and MasterCard rely on them for advice and direction. And Waggener Edstrom relies on us to deliver their tradeshow collateral in a form of an eco-friendly high-quality flash drive.

This is why we recommended Yew Round. The Yew series is a fairly new set of eco-friendly flash drives made out of compressed wood pulp. The body and cap are held together by two strong magnets that pull apart when you need to use the drive. They can be printed or laser engraved. The coated light wood body makes the printed logo really pop.

See photos below.


New Model: Card Disk Mini Spin

We’ve had this drive for over a month now, just haven’t had the chance to add it to the website. It’s another addition to the Card Disk family. Let’s all welcome the Card Disk Mini Spin.

This drive is the same size and thickness as our Card Disk Mini-Flip (as thick as two credit cards). It comes in solid and translucent color options. It even has a mini-meversion that is half the size of the original. See images below.


  • When you need a large printing area.
  • When you’re printing a full color photograph
  • When you want an alternative to the standard business card
  • When you need an alternative to the standard wedding favor
  • When you want to stand out (get the translucent version)

Spin Drives for CWC Gaming

Here’s another Spin order for an interesting client. CWC Gaming is an online casino gaming platform that features live dealers in all of their games. As you would imagine, all dealers are good looking young women. Sit back, play some cards and enjoy a nice view.


Lost a tooth? No problem. Here’s a new one with a built in flash drive.

This is the second order for Basic Dental, and the third order of this kind. Apparenty tooth implant USB drives are a popular concept. Just so you’re aware, we can also make you a toungue drive, an eye drive, and a finger drive [].

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Arby’s Custom Drives

A while back (about 3 years ago) way before rubber molding, we did some drives for Arby’s. Here’s what they looked like.

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