Custom Car Key Flash Drives for Fiat

It all started when the Fiat Group sent us an actual key fob from one of their fine automobiles. We took it apart and replicated the mechanism. We then manufactured each component from scratch and delivered a fully custom, retractable USB drive.

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4 Responses to Custom Car Key Flash Drives for Fiat
  1. Bill Richardson Reply

    Are the Fiat key fob USB flash drives available for public purchase?

    • CustomUSB Reply

      Hi Bill,

      Unfortunately, the Fiat Key Flash Drives are not available for public purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.



  2. Austin Earley Reply

    When are they going to be aavailable, I would love to purchase one.

    • CustomUSB Reply

      Hi Austin,

      Unfortunately, these drives were created for Fiat and are not for individual sale. If you are interested in creating Custom Flash Drives please contact our sales department at and a sales representative will help assist you.



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