Custom USB Drives for Ardbeg

These are from an older project, but after a little research, I found out what they were for and decided to post them.

Ardbeg makes single Islay malt Scotch whisky, which makes a rocket shaped USB drive seem a little out of place.  Well, in 2011 Ardbeg sent some of the key ingredients of its whisky into space to compare how the ingredients mature vs. on Earth.  I would like to find out if they observed any differences; unfortunately, it looks like the Ardbeg Galileo they bottled with the space goodies is out of stock.  I know I was devastated too.

Ardbeg Custom USB Drive

You can read about the project on their website here, and some BBC coverage here.

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One Response to Custom USB Drives for Ardbeg
  1. Lance Schreiber Reply

    Do you have any Quadcopter/Drone models similar to what you see on our website?  What would a custom design cost?  Can you make them SD Card Adapters with a USB connector instead of having built in memory?  We would like them to hold the SD Card after removing it from the cameras.

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