Demand Driven

Someone asked me last week what made us (CustomUSB) start offering 24-hour turn around. The answer is DEMAND.

About the same time, I had some issues with one of our vendors. We have had and ongoing problem with delivery and quality of some parts we use to make our flash drives. This has been going on for quite a while and despite internal meetings and discussions I refuse to let it go. I continue to bring up the issue in hopes that it will get fixed, after all, all I ask for is some communication between the vendor and us. At this point, I am willing to put the lateness on the back burner, as long as we know that it will be late in advance. Nothing has happened yet.

If your customers are telling you what would make them happy, why not do it? If someone demands that you go the extra step for them – go the extra step. It takes 99.9% of your efforts to be just like everyone else, the final 0.1% (if you are willing to put in the work) makes you exceptional.

On the other hand, Ford and Chevy and Chrysler are in financial trouble. One could argue that the reason they built crappy, non-fuel-efficient cars is because people demanded them. Now, no one wants them.

THE LESSON: Listen to your customers, but don’t blame them if you end up with a bad product. The choice is always yours.