How Business Cards Can Still Be Game-Changers

Did you know that the first business cards appeared in 15th century China? They were dubbed “calling cards” or “visiting cards.”

They served specific, social purposes like facilitating partnerships, expressing congratulations, sending condolences and providing notices of arrival or departure. They later gained popularity with England’s nobility and rich in the 1800s.

Fast forward to present day, and you’ll find that despite our technological advances, the low-tech giveaway’s simplicity remains useful. Take a trade show or conference, for example. While in attendance, people expect to see the classic rectangle for a chance to learn about a brand.

Sure, attendees might pick one of those cards up, but the real question remains … how do we create something people will actually keep?

Out with the Old …

Let’s just address the elephant in the room. The popularity of the traditional paper business card has declined. However, the downward trend doesn’t mean you should forget about them altogether.

The traditional, rectangular keepsake is a portable version of your brand, and creates opportunities for consumers to physically engage with your story. Forgoing the cards could cost you prospective customers in the long run. So, if you’ve thought about refreshing your current card supply, but the traditional cut seems too outdated, consider a smarter card.


Smart business cards inspire people to hang onto them long after the initial interaction because they’re different and practical.

Don’t let your business card end up in a stack of similar-looking business cards.

Enter the USB Business Card

Did you know almost all paper business cards are tossed? In fact, only about 9% of people add a business card into a digital system. Translation: after receiving a business card, over 90% of people either trash it or stash it somewhere random.

From an offline marketing perspective, the business card never becomes a marketing lead or successfully builds customer loyalty. Instead, it disappears into the ether. Fortunately, USB business cards fuse function and fashion. Even if the recipient wasn’t interested in your specific product or service, the promotional staple (now featuring data storage) gives them another reason to save the card.

A business card USB memory stick comes in a variety of styles, consisting of materials like plastic or metal, in standard sizes or smaller. The USB component can slide or flip out of the card for ease of use.

Classic cards with a hint of innovation.

Browse our collection today!

Why are USB Business Cards Valuable?

A CreditDonkey study found that potential customers are 10 times more likely to keep a business card that’s colorful and unique, over a card that’s plain and white. That’s why business cards with a USB flash drive are so appealing.

From content delivery to data storage, you can choose how the business card works for you. Is your company looking for ways to go green? Do you need plenty of surface area to show off that ingenious logo or tagline? Do you want to provide an extra incentive for potential consumers?

In 17th century Europe, the use of the business card exploded across the continent. Engraved with gold and adorned with delicate textures, the business card became a must-have in the emerging industrial world.

Materials can make a difference. Imagine the sleek possibilities with our Metal Wallet Card.

The versatile solution can do it all and still offers up plenty of creative potential. If you preload the cards with product presentations, how-to-videos, e-catalogs and more, you in turn, enable prospective clients to engage with and gain a better understanding of your brand.

Quality content compels people to hang onto your card, and with the added bonus of data storage, consumers are likely to use it daily. Over time, you build brand awareness, where the consumer bonds to your brand and are more likely to make repeat purchases with little to no forethought — bridging the gap between trust and loyalty.

But How Much Do They Cost?

Custom USB business cards come in a variety of affordable shapes and sizes to fit your style. Pricing depends on how much you order, but the more you order, the more you save. Reach out to a CustomUSB expert to learn more.

Remember …

Your business card should help motivate potential clients to do business with you. By integrating tech components like a USB drive, a standard office staple evolves into something more — a practical, cutting-edge tool designed to boost brand visibility.

Be bold. Take advantage of the edge-to-edge branding space. Change up the materials. Explore the possibilities with CustomUSB today.


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