NEW Rubber Custom Shaped USB Drives

Rubber Custom Shapes USB

We have been producing custom USB drives for quite a long time (we created the market, actually).  And while I generally prefer not to use terms like “the leader in customized USB technologies,” we are extremely “well endowed” when it comes to giving people the most unique flash drive experience.

One of the most popular ways of producing a custom USB drive is to utilize our rubber molding service where we create a completely custom flash drive in a shape of your logo or product. Take a look at our photo gallery [http://www.flickr.com/photos/molotalk/] and tell me if this is not the coolest thing you have ever seen (unless you’ve seen this guy: http://bergie.iki.fi/blog/when_reality_meets_product_concepts/).

In any case, we’ve now upgraded our rubber molding service with an ability to make parts of the drive glossy. You can now combine matte and glossy textures for a completely unique look. I am still waiting for samples to arrive so stay tuned for more updates.

For more info on our custom tooling services go http://www.squidoo.com/usbshapes and HERE.