Oh Maria Keep My Data Safe

This info is a bit outdated, but Luis Eslava, an industrial designer out of Spain, just placed his second order for the Virgin Mary Custom USB Drive.

It all started in late 2006 when Luis (ABR Produccion) came to us with a strange request. “Can you make me a Virgin Mary USB drive,” he asked? The answer was, “of course we can.” A few back and forth emails and we had ourselves a CAD file with the finished design of the new drive. I think this was one of our first trully custom orders, certainly the first 3D custom drive.

The body of the Oh Maria USB drive is made out of clear plastic with a solid gold plastic halo with an inscribed “Oh Maria Keep My Data Safe.” The LED light is located in the center and lights up when the USB drive is plugged in. The base and the clear dome packaging is also custom made.

This drive demonstrates out plastic molding capabilities perfectly. Tooling cost to produce something similar ranges from $2500 to $5000, depending on complexity. Body can me made from any translucent color plastic or can be pained with any Pantone color (rubber or glossy paint).

Images taken from ABR