Custom Juke-Bot USB Drive for DJ Shadow

We’re working on a custom project for DJ Shadow. Here are some photos of the Juke-Bot Flash Drive. Should be available for sale through his website shortly.

UPDATE:  You can buy these drives here

Dell-icious Promotional Custom Flash Drives

A few weeks back, Dell was in the market for some promotional memory sticks in the shape of their logo. So in order to make the drive more usable, we engineering a round logo-shaped flash drive with a removable memory unit. Now, Dell’s customers don’t have to worry about obstructing adjacent USB ports in their precious Inspirons. Our job here is done.

Squeeze the Living Data Out of It

Here are some photos from a repeat order of the infamous Taco Bell Sauce Packet USB Drives. These squeezable babies (referring to the USB Drives) sport 2 Gigs of reusable memory and serve as press kits for our good friends at Yum!

32 FL OZ of Cultured Data

If you’re an Eastern European, you know what kefir [kuh-FEER] is. If you’re a Russki living in Chicago, you definitely know what Lifeway Kefir is.   The Smolyansky family (the people behind Lifeway) have been making this delicious drink for 25 years. And to celebrate this anniversary, they have released the Birthday Cake flavor, accompanied by a custom flash drive in a shape of their signature product. We were the company chosen to fulfill this project.

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