Browning Timing Belt USB Drive

Browning, a division of Emerson, is a manufacturer of transmission belts for various applications.

CustomUSB is the leading manufacturer of customized USB products.

When both join forces, here’s the result:

Project Details

  • Length: 250mm, Width: 15mm
  • Silicon Rubber material
  • Embossed ridges and logo
  • Printed cardboard sleeve

La Maison Arabe Leatherman Flash Drives

Opulence, I has it []. (read with a thick Russian accent) When you want the best in luxury accommodations, check into La Maison Arabe. When you want the best in USB products (and premium customer service), jump into

Order Details

Our USB Drives are Trippin with LSD

Trippin with LSD is a blog by LSD Photography. Lisa and Sophia do excellent work, and if I was getting married again (which I am not) I would seriously consider hiring them.

Currently, though, it is us who’s being hired. And we also do excellent work (feels good to say that).

Order Details

  • Lipstick Drives in Pink
  • 8GB Capacity
  • Laser Etched Logo on Body and Cap
  • Actual Production Time – 11 Days

Remy Martin USB Wallet Cards

Remy Martin ordered our Wallet Card Spin drives the other week. They went with the translucent version and their full color logo printed on the front. Let’s drink to that.

Jacob & Co. Custom USB Drives

You might have heard of Jacob The Jeweler from rap songs, if you listen to rap, that is. You might have also seen his jewelry and watched on Jessica Simpson, Lebron James, Sir Elton John, and P Diddy.

That’s right! We’ve become the royalty supplier to the supplier or royalty. Who’s ready to rap about flash drives?

UPDATE (proof of success): I Fight Dragons USB Project

I was looking over my blog stats today and noticed a visitor who got to my site by searching for “I Fight Dragons USB“. I googled the term and found, among many things, this blog post:

In February 2009, I posted this link about music marketing. This one was a follow-up on in April. While common sense to some, many bands/musicians have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to making money in the music industry. The project for I Fight Dragons is a success story. In fact, I’ve got plenty more I can tell you about – The Mars Volta, Mega Beat International, Lamb of God…

Are you ready to have your name added to the list?

Voltron™ Incubot Robot USB Drives by INCUBOT Productions

We often get involved in interesting and unique projects, but this one is by far the most creative. Over six months in the making from initial contact to finished and delivered product. Revision, additions, changes, and manipulations later, behold the pinnacle of our capabilities. Not just your average USB drive, this is the Voltron™ Incubot USB Drive.

This drive was developed by Alen Yen of ToyboxDX and INCUBOT Productions. Prior to engaging us in this project, Alen had us create a different type of Robot USB Drive. You can see and buy them at the Super7 Store – and only in their physical San Francisco location. As for the Voltron drives, you can buy them directly from INCUBOT.


  • Full 3D design
  • PVC rubber material, matte finish
  • Rotating arms and head
  • Mold is comprised of 6 different colors
  • Printed elements on arms, body and legs
  • Comes with detachable sword
  • Breaks in the center to expose USB drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot Custom USB Drive

New Product: Woodsman 2 USB Drive

We recently added a new wood flash drive – Woodsman 2. It is available in 5 unique finishes – Maple, Redwood, Light Bamboo, Dark Bamboo, and Recycled Pulp. All of them are printable and laser engravable. The cap and body are held together by two strong magnets. Go ahead, give them a try.

Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories Catalog

You are looking at the new Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories Catalog (and we’re handling this project for the 3rd year in a row). Say hello to the Nahla Drive. It was hand picked by H-D to house their next Retail Toolbox.


  • Black anodized aluminum body with clear plastic cap
  • Pad printed with a 4 color logo on one side and a 2 color title on the other.
  • Loaded with the H-D parts catalog
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