Mini USB Toy Camera

For the past few days we have been playing with this USB toy camera trying to decide if it is something we wanted to start carrying.  We have finally decided that the image quality just isn’t there.  The concept is fun, but we just can’t see ourselves reaching for this before our smartphone.

Mini USB Toy Camera

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How does the Carbide USB Flash Drive Stack Up?

When we called the Carbide the safest, most secure USB Flash Drive on Earth it raised a lot of questions. So we have decided to post the answers to the most common questions we have received so far, but if you have any questions that aren’t answered here just let us know.

1. How does this compare to Ironkey?

Please see attached comparison.  Apart from these differences, Carbide is priced much more competitively than Ironkey.  Numerous Ironkey customers are now happy Carbide customers.

2. Is the chip potted?

The entire PCB and all components (except for the rechargeable battery) are potted to comply with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 criteria (please refer to our FIPS policy certificate # 1873).

3. Does hack attempt secure wipe contents?

If the incorrect PIN is entered 10 consecutive times the encryption key will be erased rendering all data stored on the drive as inaccessible.  The drive can then be reset, which randomly generates a new encryption key then the drive will need to be reformatted in order to be reused/redeployed.  The drive does not secure wipe contents after a hack attempt, it is not a requirement as far as we are concerned.

4. Is hack attempt counter persistent until next successful authentication? (attempt but not exceed threshold, unplug, attempt again with a 0 counter)?

Persistent until next authentication.  Across sleep and power cycles.

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CustomUSB is Partnering with BOLTgroup to make GIGS.2.GO

A couple months ago the concept of GIGS.2.GO was released and caused quite a stir on tech blogs and elsewhere on the internet. Well we at CustomUSB are proud to announce a new licensing partnership with BOLTgroup. Through this partnership, we will be manufacturing the GIGS.2.GO USB drive.

The GIGS.2.GO drive is about the size of a credit card, made of 100% post consumer recycled paper pulp, and houses 4 1-GB USB drives that can easily be torn free. The paper pulp case is durable enough to protect the drive for many uses and at the end of the drives life, the case can be separated and recycled.

The GIGS.2.GO USB drive should be available for sale in late July or August.

There will be more details and pricing announced here closer to the release date so be sure to check back!

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The Scoop on Cheap USB Drives

We are often asked about price matching and once in a while someone asks us to match prices found on eBay and Amazon. These prices are generally unrealistically low, even by direct-from-China standards. So, we decided to investigate and see what kind of product people were receiving when they bought one of these cheap USB Drives.

We found a 1GB Spin drive for $2.05 on Amazon. Spin is considered to be one of the most popular models on the flash market, but $2.05 is way too low. Furthermore, some of the sellers on Amazon had this drive listed for as low as $1.24. Once added to the cart, however, each of these drives came with a hefty shipping cost. The total checkout price of a single 1GB drive was just over $6, regardless of which seller you go with or how many drives we added to the cart. We ended up placing an order for a single Spin drive whose total cost was $6.03 ($1.24 for the drive + $4.79 for shipping).

The drive arrived 5 days later via USPS in a small padded envelope.  Once we received the drive we disassembled it, and tested the quality of the chip.  Our results showed it performed pretty well as you can see below.

The total price of this USB drive after shipping was $6.03.  Although it was a bit more than $1.24, it ended up being a quality drive, and $6 is on par with the average price of other 1 GB USB drives.  The lesson, make sure you check the shipping cost the next time you are comparing prices of USB drives (or anything you buy, really). Read More…

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