Product Review: Spin USB Drive

Say hello to the Spin drive.

Standing at 2.17 inches tall, 0.63 inches wide, and 0.35 inches deep, Spin is the most popular model on the market. Almost always, however, it is not used to its full potential.

Here are some things you probably did not know about Spin.

  1. The [a] Body of the Spin drive can be customized to match any Pantone color (includng Silver, Gold and Bronze). The paint can be glossy or rubber (rubber has a much nicer feel).
  2. The [b] Swivel can also be painted to match any Pantone color. By default, it comes in Silver, White, Gray, Black, Chrome, Gold, Mirrored Black and Mirrored Gold
  3. Logo is generally printed on the casing part, but can also print on the body. Printing can be any number of colors including a 4 color process (full color – like you see in the above image). Casings can also be laser etched (different casing finishes produce different engraved results).

Here are some additional points to consider about Spin.

  1. Since it is the most popular on the market, it is no longer unique.
  2. You can make it VERY unique by color matching the body and the swivel to your logo and engraving the logo for a lasting impression.
  3. Delivery time on the Spin model is generally 10 days. 24-hour rush is also available (with engraving). 3-day rush is available with a printed logo (one color).
  4. Printing area is 1” x 0.5” so keep that in mind when designing artwork.

That is Spin in a nut(custom Pantone)shell.

USB TIP: Print a logo on one side and don’t forget the URL and phone number on the other.

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