Spreading Some Holiday Cheer With Help-Portrait and Little Knoll Photography

Recently we had the opportunity to partner up with Little Knoll Photography [http://littleknoll.smugmug.com/] and give something really special to those in need, their photograph.  If you haven’t heard yet, there is a global community of photographers and volunteers that offer up their skills and equipment every holiday season.  This movement is called Help-Portrait and takes place all over the world every December. Unfortunately we couldn’t send a team of talented photographers, but we did what we could, and sent a load of flash drives so everyone could take all their photographs home.

Below are a few photos from this year’s event in Tempe, Arizona, courtesy of Little Knoll Photography.

Help-Portrait Custom USB Drives

Help-Portrait Custom USB Drives

Help-Portrait Custom USB Drives


If you are interested in learning more, or seeing what you can do to help make this bigger and better visit help-portrait.com.


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