What Your Competition Won’t Tell You About Custom USBs

Liquiflow Custom USB Flash Drive

Savvy businesses know how to get results from their marketing dollars. Market research, buyer personas, brand awareness – these are just a few factors that can help you get ahead of the competition. It’s also helpful to know what your competition is doing (especially if they’re dominating the market) and take note. Here’s what your competition won’t tell you about using Custom USB flash drives in your promotional offerings.

Custom USBs Get Inside Customers’ Heads

When you give something tangible to a customer for free, they innately want to reciprocate the gesture. And, studies back up this notion. When customers get a promo product, they report doing business with that company because of the gift, or they plan to do business with that company in the near future.[i]

Custom USBs Get Attention

And, the right kind of attention. At tradeshows, custom USBs are often the main attraction because they stand out from other hum drum promotional products like branded hats, t-shirts, pens, or stress balls. See how companies like Hot Wheels and Miss America have used a little ingenuity to create custom shaped flash drives that uniquely represent their brands.

Custom USBs Last

Even when a user has no immediate need for a custom USB, or after they’ve filled it up with information, the USB will sit on a shelf, rest in a drawer, or travel with them in their bag or pocket. The user is likely to see it often throughout the course of the day, or week – reminding them of your brand.

Practical, usable promotional products like custom flash drives are proven to get better results. According to L.J. Market Research, 71 percent of people surveyed reported receiving a promo product in the last year, of those people 33 percent actually happened to have the product with them – a remarkable finding, given that the people included in the survey had no idea they would be asked about promotional gifts.

Custom USBs Help to Increase Brand Awareness

Want more people to remember your brand and know what you stand for? Custom USBs will get you there. When people are frequently exposed to your brand’s name, logo, and slogan, they will remember your brand; and, when it comes time to buy a product or service that you offer, you will stand out in their minds.

Custom USBs are Easy to Pass Along

Thinking about using a promotional product to get ahead of your competition? Consider how a custom USB can drive your efforts. Studies have shown that when people get a promotional product, they are more likely to give it away than to throw it away.[ii] So, after consumers have been exposed to your brand through thier promotional flash drive, they’ll likely give it away to a friend, family member, or co-worker, who will also be exposed to your brand.

Now you know what the competition won’t tell you about custom USB flash drives. You can find out more about creating a USB with a unique shape or function by visiting CustomUSB.com or calling one of our friendly sales representatives. You can also learn more about what brands are doing with other customizeable products like custom earbuds and power banks.


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