Maxima Racing Oils – Spin Drive

Maxima Racing Oils needed spin drives for a trade show for effective content giveaway and promotion, in a short turn-around time. Here’s how we did it and how it turned out.

Published by Sarah Simon | October 27, 2021

Project Objective

Maxima Racing Oils needed spin drives for a trade show for effective content giveaway and promotion, in a short turn-around time.


Order process

Maxima Racing Oils needed preloaded spin drives to give away at their trade show. CustomUSB stood out because we collaborated well on design, documents and delivery. We gathered all the information and worked with Maxima Racing Oils to produce the drives before shipping them, and they arrived in time for the trade show.

Design process

CustomUSB collaborated with Maxima Racing Oils and color matched their branding on the Spin Drives, using 4-color printing that stays on for the life of the drive. CustomUSB's digital manufacturing is eco-friendly, and allows for speedy order delivery.

Pre-loading process

After the drives were designed, we preloaded documents here in the US to keep from wasting paper and having people ask questions after tossing the papers in the trash. CustomUSB flash drives are high-quality: each unit is manually inspected, we use a digital and eco-friendly manufacturing process, and we use Grade A Waterproof Memory. Our USB drives are never recycled, meaning the files are accessible on every drive that’s given out.



  • L 2.27" x W 0.75" x H 0.42"
  • Colors: Red & White
  • Print Area: 1.00" x 0.50"
  • Quantity: 200


  • Memory: Micro UDP chips
  • USB 2.0
  • Capacity: 2GB
  • Durable, waterproof, shockproof
  • Magnet and X-Ray friendly


  • ABS plastic case
  • Anodized Aluminum Swivel
  • Keychain extrusion
  • Rubber coating
  • Laser-engraved printing


Client Feedback

“Our account executive reached out and was super helpful, got us exactly what we needed in the time frame needed. CustomUSB was awesome to work with!”

Tory, Maxima Racing Oils


Final Description

These Custom Spin Drives made specifically for Maxima Racing Oils were created in the USA with CustomUSB’s high-quality process in collaboration with Maxima Racing Oils. The customer consulted with us on specifications for design, preloaded documents and delivery time. They were satisfied with the end product, price, delivery and service, and said they would recommend CustomUSB to others.

Results and Impacts

  1. Eco-friendly way to distribute content that saved paper waste.
  2. Helped generate booth traffic and qualified leads.
  3. Strengthened connection to our brand.
  4. The Spin Drives allowed for lighter packing.
  5. Reusable gift that allowed for our brand to remain top of mind.
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