The 9 Top Ideas for Personalized Coffee Mugs

Wondering if you should give a personalized mug as a gift to someone who most likely owns other mugs? Customizable mugs are a perfect gift idea because, when you nail the personalization on a highly unique – and, dare we say, innovative – mug of someone’s dreams, you have a gift that’s guaranteed to wow recipients for years to come.

Mugs are inexpensive and smart gifts, and a custom-designed, high-quality mug not only ensures your gift a spot at the front of the cabinet or next to the coffee maker, but also brightens someone’s day and becomes a conversation piece!

Browse our unique selection of one-of-a-kind mugs, customize, and pack in a completely personalizable luxe gift box to wow every gift recipient on your list!

How Customized Coffee Mugs Make Incredible Gifts

A personalized mug is the perfect way to give friends and family souvenirs to remember events, gifts for birthdays or holidays that will make them laugh and continue to cheer them up with every use, a great way to replace mugs, perfect promotional items or employee gifts, and so much more.

These custom mugs come in many creative, colorful and even innovative designs, in ceramic and travel models, so you can buy people literally any kind of mug they could ever want or imagine (read to the end of list to really understand that we truly mean this) – plus, you get a lifetime guarantee and easy return promise with each of these mugs. Your design is guaranteed to stay on for the life of the product as well – with our full-color, laser printing, your photo, message or design will be of the highest quality, and is individually inspected to ensure the quality of both the product and customization.

Personalize your packaging with custom luxury gift boxes that can include the recipient’s name or message and full graphics. If you want to do more than “just a mug”, you can also make an entirely custom gift set, with completely individual personalization, for an incredible experience for that special person or group of people.

9 Most Incredible Ideas for Personalized Coffee Mugs

1. YETI Rambler Travel Mug

The Yeti Rambler 20 oz travel mug is made from durable stainless steel and has double-wall vacuum insulation, so it will keep beverages hot or cold for hours at a time, both indoors and outdoors. Like the entire Rambler Family, this travel mug is dishwasher safe, as is the lid that it comes with. The lid is built with a MagSlider magnet made to provide additional temperature protection. People can take this mug anywhere, from their car to camping trips, to work and beyond.

The Yeti Rambler is available in a variety of colors, so you can make sure the color is customized along with your design, message or photo. It has a print area of 3×3, diameter measuring 4.00″ (101.6 mm) and height of 8.34″ (211.8 mm). This mug also comes with a handle and is made to fit in cup holders. The Yeti Rambler is delivered inside a fully personalizable, full-color printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

2. Explorer – 12oz Mug

Made for, well, explorers and adventurers (and aspiring ones), the Explorer 12 oz travel mug is perfect for bringing outdoors as well as staying inside with a cork base that negates the need for a coaster. This thermal mug also has a handle and swivel closing lid to keep it from spilling. It’s made with stainless steel, has a copper-plated inner wall and vacuum insulation, so anything from coffee or tea to soups can be kept at temperature for hours at a time.

The Explorer mug is available in a wide variety of customizable colors, and has laser printing or engraving for your personalizations, such as personal names, logos, designs or photos. It also includes a powder-coated finish with a print area of 2”x3”, diameter measuring 3.52″ (89.4 mm) and height of 4.74″ (120.4 mm). This mug can be delivered inside a fully custom-printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

3. Camper – Mug

Make their morning, or any time of day they use a mug, with the 12 or 16.9 oz Camper travel mug. This mug is made with stainless steel and copper vacuum insulation, plus has a handle that can be clipped onto bags and a swivel-closing push-on lid. Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold in this thermal mug made for outdoor adventures, the daily commute and beyond.

The Camper has a print area of 3”x2” for your full-color, laser-printed graphics, photos or message on a powder-coated finish for quality aesthetics. The 12 oz mug has a Diameter of 3.55″ (90.2 mm) and height measuring 4.00″ (101.6 mm). The 16.9 oz mug has a diameter of 3.55″ (90.2 mm) and height measuring 5.00″ (127.0 mm). This mug can be delivered inside a fully custom-printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

4. Iris – 12oz Ceramic Mug

Go avant-garde with the 12 oz Iris mug, a colorful, geometric-inspired stoneware vessel for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more that will leave you looking at the color of your choice on the inside once you’ve emptied it! Plus, it comes with a built-in cork bottom, so no need to ever worry about leaving ring stains again. This mug can be delivered inside a fully custom-printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

Personalize this mug with someone special’s name, a message, or a photo or design on the clean, matte wate exterior with high-quality, full-color laser printing on the 3.25”x2” print area. The Iris has a width measuring 3.88″ (98.6 mm), and height measuring 4.06″ (103.1 mm).

5. Campfire – 13oz Ceramic Mug

Have recipients making s’mores, telling ghost stories and singing campfire songs – if not in reality, at least in their heads – with the 13 oz, tin-cup style Campfire mug. Remind gift recipients of treasured camping memories, or personalize mugs for a camp staff or souvenirs, on the ceramic, classic camp mug speckled finish.

Print names, messages, photos or designs on the print area of 2.75”x2” in full-color laser printing that will stay on for the life of the product. You can even have a second side imprint if you choose to add one and have designs seen from all angles! The Campfire mug has a width of 3.44″ (87.4 mm) and height measuring 4.00″ (101.6 mm). This mug can be delivered inside a fully custom-printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

6. Minolo – 14oz Ceramic Mug

Even when their cup is empty, it’s filled with color with the 14 oz stoneware Minolo mug, a classic with a colorful twist! Give this mug as a gift for anyone who drinks coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or anyone who needs a new pen holder, for colorful times and amazing memories.

Choose a clean black or white matte exterior and print names, messages and graphics on the 3”x2” print area in full-color laser printing. The Minolo has a width of 3.63″ (92.2 mm), and height measuring 3.63″ (92.2 mm). This mug can be delivered inside a fully custom-printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

7. YETI Rambler – Luxe Custom Mug

For smaller versions of the first Yeti Rambler mentioned, gift friends, family or coworkers the 10 or 14 oz Yeti Rambler Luxe Custom Mug. The Yeti Rambler is one of the most over-engineered camp mugs out there, with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks and food items hot (or cold) for hours at a time. It has a handle and MagSlider lid to keep it handy and temperature-controlled (this lid will not prevent spills or leaks). Make sure people can bring their beloved coffee, tea or other drinks or foods anywhere and everywhere they travel so they don’t have to worry about finishing it quickly.

Print your customization with full-color laser printing on a print area of 2.75″ x 1.75″ for the 10 oz version, or 3.25″ x 1.75″ for the 14 oz mug for lasting memories. The 10 oz mug has a diameter of 3.50″ (88.9 mm), width of 4.60″ (116.8 mm) and height measuring 4.06″ (103.1 mm). The 14 oz version has a diameter of 4.00″ (101.6 mm), width of 5.15″ (130.8 mm) and height measuring 3.96″ (100.6 mm). This stackable mug is delivered inside a personalizable, full-color printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

8. Ember – Luxe Custom 12oz Travel Mug

Literally never have to worry about hot coffee, tea or other beverages getting cold ever again with the Ember 12 oz travel mug. This vessel crafted out of pure magic and fairy dust is self-heating, with exact temperature settings so drinks can be kept at the specific temperature of the owners’ choice for 3 hours to all day when on the charging coaster. It comes with a leak-proof lid that can be sipped from any angle and includes a touch screen, customizable pairing app, auto sleep, and built-in battery.

Print names, messages, or full-color graphics with laser printing on the print area of 1.25″ x 2″. The Ember mug’s dimensions are: Length – 7.9″ (200.7 mm) and Width – 3.14″ (79.8 mm). The Ember mug is delivered inside a personalizable, full-color printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

9. Ember – Luxe Custom Gift Box and Mug

The 10 or 14 oz classic Ember mug is from the same family as the Ember travel mug, so like it’s cousin, it’s also made in a unicorn fairy-land of pure magical bliss. Personalize this mug as a gift for anyone who you want to love you forever – really. The Ember is a rechargeable heated mug that pairs with an app that lets you set your desired temperature of 120°F – 145°F (50°C – 62.5 °C), and even customize temperatures for specific drinks. The coaster charger keeps temperature consistent throughout the entire day – no more forgetting you left your coffee waiting to cool. The LED light lets you know when your drink is at optimal temperature, and the auto-sleep function knows when it’s time to turn on and off.

Make perfection even more dreamy with your full-color, laser-printed design or message printed on the 2”x3” print area of the Ember mug, which has a length of 4.2″ (106.7 mm) and width measuring 3.3″ (83.8 mm). The Ember mug is delivered inside a personalizable, full-color printed luxury gift box for extra-special occasions and people.

Design or Choose Your Customized Coffee Mug From Custom USB 

Give the perfect gift – a personalized mug from CustomUSB. Our mugs are so much more than your typical blasé mug – each one is a one-of-a-kind vessel that people will treasure and rave about for years to come, thanks to both your customization and the mug itself.

These customizable mugs are perfect for friends, family, that person who did something nice for you, your barista, your business partner, employees or staff, your boss, your coworkers, and so many more people who could use a gift they’ll actually like, with no minimum order requirements and completely individualized customizations.

Create memories, and really show people how much they mean to you, with a high-quality innovation of a mug, complete with your personalization and customized packaging. Just click “customize now” to start designing and see how amazing a gift from you can really be!

Each and every one of these personalizable mugs is a one-of-a-kind, spectacular vessel for the most important drink of the day – coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever you may want to argue here, since this article can’t verbally debate you at this time). Make their day, every day with mugs that come in luxe, personalized gift boxes and even gift sets if you would like to include additional products for extra-special gifts they’ll remember forever!

Make sure people get to drink their coffee in style out of the highest quality mugs, with your personalization to make them smile, by choosing CustomUSB for your custom gifts today.

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