Custom Wooden Flash Drives for Life Long Studios

Life Long Studios Photography - CustomUSB Flash Drive Closeup
CustomUSB has worked with hundreds of Photographers and Photography Studios over the years. USB flash drives are a great substitute for DVDs, saving both time and money.

One of our clients, Life Long Studios, recently wrote this blog post about us. We were so smitten, that we just had to share it.

Life Long Studios is a boutique wedding photography company that provides their clients with breathtaking images and memories they will cherish for a lifetime. We hope you enjoy looking at their work.

And while you’re at it, let us know what you think about these stellar 16GB Woodsman2 Flash Drives!

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A Look at the New Custom USB Drives for Gulfstream

If you happen to be fortunate enough to be in the market for a new Gulfstream aircraft, not only will you be receiving one of the world’s most advanced business jets, but also a top-quality bespoke luggage tag USB drive.

The first time you hold this drive in your hand you instantly know it was designed for something special. Each of these beautifully crafted metal drives comes in a custom designed cardboard box sporting the Gulfstream logo. Inside you will find a genuine leather keychain strap dyed in Gulfstream blue and a custom printed microfiber cleaning cloth so you can keep your drives fingerprint free. The drives are also laser engraved with the matching model number of the aircraft they come with. So if you are looking for one more reason to purchase that shiny new G650, take a look at the pictures below.

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Spreading Some Holiday Cheer With Help-Portrait and Little Knoll Photography

Recently we had the opportunity to partner up with Little Knoll Photography [http://littleknoll.smugmug.com/] and give something really special to those in need, their photograph.  If you haven’t heard yet, there is a global community of photographers and volunteers that offer up their skills and equipment every holiday season.  This movement is called Help-Portrait and takes place all over the world every December. Unfortunately we couldn’t send a team of talented photographers, but we did what we could, and sent a load of flash drives so everyone could take all their photographs home.

Below are a few photos from this year’s event in Tempe, Arizona, courtesy of Little Knoll Photography.

Help-Portrait Custom USB Drives

Help-Portrait Custom USB Drives

Help-Portrait Custom USB Drives


If you are interested in learning more, or seeing what you can do to help make this bigger and better visit help-portrait.com.


Boston Consulting Group RUSH Order

It was 6 PM Central Time and the meeting between the Boston Consulting Group [http://www.bcg.com] and Kimberly-Clark [http://www.kcc.com] officials was about to begin. In front of each attendee was a neatly stacked notepad, a fountain pen and a CustomUSB flash drive housing the BCG logo.

A few hours prior, these drives were hand-delivered by one of our employees who drove 3 hours from our headquarters in Chicago to Kimberly-Clark corporate office in Neenah, Wisconsin. Did I mention, this was a 75 piece order that took longer than expected to clear customs and arrived to us only at 12 PM the same day.

Here’s an official statement from BCG:

Thank you for everything. We really appreciate what you have done for us.

Positive Feedback: City of Hillsboro

I generally post testimonials that people send me personally, however this one deserves a mention. Good job, Eddie, my coaching does not go unrewarded.

Hello Mr. Molochnikov,

I have been working with Edward Kantorovich on a flash drive order for my non-profit association’s conference in October and I wanted to inform you that you have an excellent employee in him.   He has been nothing but friendly and helpful in answering my constant questions in an extremely timely matter.  He has never made me feel like I am bothering him and has even given us some great deals.

I think that it is very important to recognize great customer service as it does not get done enough these days.  I don’t know about you but as a supervisor myself I only get the person when they want to complain hardly ever the comments that staff was very helpful.

I know I will be recommending your company to others who are looking for items you carry and also will be keeping the information for myself to contact for future needs.

Thanks again for employing such a helpful person.

Tiny MicroKey Flash Drives for MTV

MTV Viacom MicroKey Flash Drives

Just did an order for MTV Latin America. They did a 7-Day RUSH on our MicroKey USB drives. These tiny (1.2″ x 0.49″ x 0.125″) drives were laser etched with the Viacom logo in two different versions.

Here’s what the good people at MTV LA  said about us:

CustomUSB.com is an excellent service; an awesome supply of products with great customer service and quick response. We had an urgent request met within days… Thanks for your help!!

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