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Custom Flash Memory Cards

Customize your own SD (Secure Digital), CF (Compact Flash), and microSD flash memory cards for commercial, industrial, or promotional use.

  • Parasailing
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Audio/Video
  • Retail
Parasailing MicroSD Card and MicroSD Adapter
The Ideal GoPro Solution, Supports HD and 4K Video Playback and Recording.

For the adventure enthusiast in mind, custom printed SD and Micro SD cards give your clients a reason to come back! Help capture a memorable experience and increase repeat business at the same time. As a Parasailing Owner/Operator, value added services are a great way to increase revenue and offer the client something special they can value for years to come. We have worked with companies like Ranalli Parasail, Ike’s Beach Service, and Ocean City Parasail in providing their custom branded and preloaded SD and MicroSD card solutions.

  • Fully Branded SD/Micro SD Cards, Adaptors, and Cases
  • The Ideal GoPro Solution, Supports HD and 4K Video Playback and Recording
  • Pre-Load with Valuable Coupons and Imagery of the Parasailing Experience
  • Fast Transfer Speeds, Less Wait Time for your Clients
  • Quality Assured with Lifetime Warranty

Custom Memory Card