USB Content Updating and Drive Tracking

A perfect way to update your pre-load files and track usage of your USB drives

  • USB TurnKey is embedded software that allows you to securely update your pre-load files.
  • Track ROI through comprehensive usage statistics. Each drive is paired with an individual user so you know who accesses your content, and when.
  • USB Drives can be used as security keys to access protected data on line or over a network.

How USB TurnKey Works

User plugs in USB drive

User plugs in, is prompted to visit webpage

Server authorizes User Access

Site loads, authenticates user (via embedded serial)

Welcome back Tom, you have updated files.

Access is granted to secure, exclusive content

Bar graphs representing valuable user data

Usage data is captured for reporting

Examples of USB TurnKey? in Action

Accountant Example

Joe Accountant gives TurnKeys to his clients, granting them secure on-demand access to their tax returns, and updates their records at will.

Sales Example

Phil Salesguy updates each member of his team with exclusive access to price lists and other important supplier information.

Musician Example

Natalie Musician distributes drives to promote her latest record, giving fans access to exclusive content and capturing their demographic and site behavior data.

Lawyer Example

Instead of sending private docs via fax etc., Trent Lawyer provides his clientele with instant, secure case file access from anywhere with a net connection.