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100% Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

We can affordably create a 100% custom USB flash drive design just for you. Your imagination is the only limit.

Case Studies

  • Fiat Car Key Replica | CustomUSB Drive
  • Miss America Crown Replica | CustomUSB Drive
  • HotWheels Bone Shaker Replica | CustomUSB Drive
  • Voltron™ Incubot | CustomUSB Drive
  • Benchmade BM42 Balisong | CustomUSB Drive
  • American Crew Shampoo Bottle Replica | CustomUSB Drive
  • Thomson Reuters Chess Piece | CustomUSB Drive
  • The Mars Volta Ouija Planchette | CustomUSB Drive


CustomUSB | Fiat Flip Key - Design Concept

Final Product

CustomUSB | Fiat Flip Key - Final Product

Design + Engineering

Design + Engineering Design + Engineering Design + Engineering Design + Engineering
Fiat Flip Key Diagram

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