The Grendizer™ Incubot Kickstarter is Live!

Last month we showed you the latest project with Alen Yen at Incubot Productions, the Grendizer™ Incubot robot.  Well, if you have been at the edge of your seat ever since waiting to know when you can get your hands on one of these guys, the wait is over! Alen Yen has recently launched a Kickstarter project to help with the funding for the initial production run, and it is already off to a great start! Head over to the Kickstarter [http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/incubot/anime-super-robot-grendizer-usb-flash-drive-with-s] page to see what it is all about, pick up your very own Grendizer™ Incubot USB Robot, and help make this project a reality!

Grendizer™ Incubot Kickstarter Page

Grendizer Custom USB Drive

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