The Powerscreen® Chieftain 2100X USB Drive

Here’s another flash drive from the “detailed machines” series. Like its predecessors (UTLX, Ulstein, and Joy), Chieftain is made to very closely resemble the real thing. The first image below is a 3D rendering supplied to the client. All other images are photos of the finished product.

3 Responses to The Powerscreen® Chieftain 2100X USB Drive
  1. Steve Simpson

    Fantastic work
    Are these available for sale


    Steve Simpson
    Powerscreen Florida

    • Vadim

      Yes, they are.

      Please contact Alex at He’s the sales rep for Powerscreen.

  2. Powerscreen Marketing

    Well done,

    The response so far from dealers who have bought them is that they are good quality and they look great.