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The Modern Bride Getaway Car

Conde Nast Publications is a long-time client of mine. They’ve done order for Cookie and Wired Magazine divisions, and now placed a smaller order for the Modern Bride.

The Modern Bride Getaway Car is our standard USB model and is available in silver, white, blue, and red. Photos are below. Drives come out nice.

Another Twitter Order

Twitter USB Drives

Everyone seems to want a Spin drive. By the way, twitter’s second order is ready to ship. Yes, they bought Spin drives, too. They originally wanted something eco-friendly, but ended up getting the Spin.

You see, twitter is an eco friendly company so they don’t print employee manuals, instead they give them out on our USB drives. Initially, we did a few mockups of our “green” USB drives, but the “natural” look was not something twitter was interested in. By default, all USB drives are somewhat eco-friendly. Since you are saving your files in electronic format instead of printing them, you’re already saving the environment. At the same time, absolutely no eco-friendly marketed drives are really eco friendly. For starters, they all have non-eco-friendly components, nor are they produced in a carbon-neutral, wind-powered factory.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to the Spin drives. So as I said, they are very popular and do come in a variety of colors and can even be color matched to your logo using the Pantone chart.

USB Chili Peppers

USB Chili Peppers

Just completed an order for NM Partnership. They are a non-profit government entity that helps businesses relocate and operate in New Mexico. While we love Chicago, we also love chili peppers and were thrilled when NM Partnership decided to do a USB drive in a shape of, well, chili pepper.

Their drives came in two color schemes – red and green. They are very detailed, just as you would expect of our rubber molding process.

Do not each the chili pepper USB drive, if you get one.

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