Custom Eco Square USB Drives for Figlewicz Photography

Here is a great example of pairing a custom USB drive to your own personality and brand.  Just look at these Woodsman2 Flash Drives, and then hop over to the Figlewicz Photography website [] to see exactly what I mean.

If you are looking for the perfect USB drive for your brand you can view our selection here, or you can always contact us for a completely custom USB drive.

Figlewicz Photography Custom USB Drive

One Response to Custom Eco Square USB Drives for Figlewicz Photography
  1. Rafael Reply

    Hello! Want to buy 500 USB sticks, but first I need some information. 1 – What is the lowest price of pendrive?
    2 – How many MB?
    3 – They are made of real wood?
    4 – It works on Windows 2007?
    5 – You write in pendrivee my logo?
    5 – To buy the 500 pendrives, I need to analyze the material. How do I analyze 1 pendrive loved to buy the 500?

    I await response.
    Thank you!

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