iPad Users Rejoice! The New iPadOS Will Have Native USB Support

The consumer spoke, and Apple listened. At the World Wide Developers Conference in June, the Apple team announced that the newest iPad will now have its own operating system. No longer is it the big brother to the iPhone, instead, it is a bonafide entity of its own. One of the major differences is that it will now offer native USB support. This is great news for consumers like photographers who have previously had a frustrating time uploading photographs on the iPad, but it is also fantastic news for promotional product companies who specialize in the sale of custom flash drives.

The iPad or MacBook Debate

People have long debated whether they should purchase an iPad or a MacBook. Both are pricey investments, and many people can only afford one. Both devices offered unique benefits, but many people were frustrated that neither device that had everything they wanted. Apple recognized that what consumers were really searching for was a device that was portable like the iPad but had the functionality of a computer as opposed to just a large phone. Thus, iPadOS was born. The iPadOS serves as the middle ground between the old iPad and the MacBook. Aside from the native USB support, the new iPad will offer desktop versions of websites, a 13-inch screen (same as a small MacBook), the ability to open multiple applications at once, and an updated files app.

Benefits of an iPad with USB Support

One of the great benefits of tablets is how easy they are to take with you, that paired with the fact that movies, TV shows, and other entertainment can be stored on USBs, makes the iPad + USB combo a hit. Now, when people are traveling, they can pass the time without having to bring their clunky laptops.

Further, the new iPadOS now will have excellent storage capabilities, something that the previous iPads were sorely lacking. Now, you will be able to use your external storage device to pull data directly from your files app.

Implications for the Promotional Product Industry

The iPad has grown massively in popularity thanks to its portability, app selection, and ease of use. According to Statista, in 2020, there will be an estimated 81.4 million iPad users. Previously, this massive market was untapped for promotional product companies who sell USBs. Now, more consumers will be able to utilize USBs, and theoretically, the demand will increase. Thanks to this announcement, companies like CustomUSB will be able to cater to iPad users, offering them an excellent solution for their data storage needs.

45% of Consumers own USB drives

This move by Apple solidifies the idea that USBs are a mainstay for the future of tech. Promotional product companies have long known, people love external storage. According to ASI, 45% of consumers own USBs. People don’t want to settle for cloud storage, and Apple is taking that sentiment to heart. This shift for apple is great news for consumers and increases the positive market outlook that exists for promotional product companies that sell customized USBs.

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