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  • Using USB Drives to Release Music or the Power of Proper Context

    Erykah Badu New Amerykah USB Drives

    I spoke with the director of product development at Universal Music Group today. We had an hour long conversation about the state of the music industry, specifically when it comes down to using USB drives in live concert recordings and release of USB music albums. Here’s what can be deducted from our discussion.

    What is attention worth? Every day I
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  • Dermalogica USB Interactive Press Kit

    Dermalogica USB Press Kit

    USB Press Kits have always been a popular application for our products. This last one is an Etch2 model USB drive produced for Dermalogica, a company specializing in skin care products, sold exclusively through a network of skin care professionals.

    The sleek look of the Etch2 USB drive matches the clean brand essence of the company. Their logo is
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  • Dog Tag USB Drives

    Dog Tag USB Drives

    “Woof woof,” is what you would be saying at this point if you were a dog (unless you are a dog, in which case, say it with me). Seriously, though. This product is so new, it’s not even on the website. I just received it and it’s excellent. The built quality is solid, the USB drive slides in and
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  • 520 Boyz MP3 Player Album

    520 Boyz MP3 Player

    Here is yet another version of what your next music album can look (and sound) like. This is a custom Card Disk MP3 Player music album we just published for 520 Boyz. Pre-loaded with some urban beats (Album Release Date: April 1, 2009) and printed with a full color artwork, these suckers [mp3 players] will be sold at their
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  • NEW Rubber Custom Shaped USB Drives

    Rubber Custom Shapes USB

    We have been producing custom USB drives for quite a long time (we created the market, actually).  And while I generally prefer not to use terms like “the leader in customized USB technologies,” we are extremely “well endowed” when it comes to giving people the most unique flash drive experience.

    One of the most popular ways of producing a custom
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    When Brian Halladay aka WHATZISFACE? performed at SXSW 2009, he put together a mix of limited edition DJ sets which he distributed using our Flash Band USB Drives. That’s pretty much it, just wanted to brag.

  • What is USB TurnKey

    USB TurnKey

    So what is the USB TurnKey? I am glad you asked. USB TurnKey is access. It’s a way to manage and control priveleged content.

    Earlier this year I wrote about our collaboration with Petrol Advertising, a motion graphics company we partnered up with to help us create a flash video presentation about our USB TurnKey solution. The video is all
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  • Project of the Week – UTLX Tank Car USB

    This is probably one of the coolest projects I’ve worked on (at least so far this year). Earlier in the year, UTLX (Union Tank Car Company) came to us and asked for our help in designing a custom flash drive that looked like one of their train tank cars, the ones that transport liquids. With the words “Yes We Can,”
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  • Green USB Drives (recycled paperboard)

    Recycled USB Drives

    You’ve been asking and we have been promising, so here it is. Just arrived (from the local recycling plant) is the True Green USB Drive. Unlike the ones that came before him, this USB drive is made out 100% recycled materials (recycled paperboard). It is engravable with your logo, or you can just write on it with a pen or
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  • Lamb of God (Wrath)

    Lamb of God - Wrath

    While reading the Sunday Tribune, I glanced over the Best Buy ad section and saw that the new Lamb of God album, Wrath, was coming out on Tuesday. The price of the album was $24.99, but in addition to the standard CD and booklet, you would also get a limited edition USB drive with all songs in MP3 format and
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